Alopecia Help and Advice (Scotland) is a locally based charity setting out to help people suffering from Alopecia Areata. We aim to help sufferers and their families with support and information on this medical condition. We also have a longer term aim to contribute to research into the condition.

Alopecia Areata is an unpredictable cause of hair loss. It can occur at any age and usually starts as an isolated patch of hair loss.

In most cases the hair regrows quickly. However in a small proportion of cases the condition progresses to complete scalp or body hair loss. We cannot diagnose the condition but our website can provide you with really useful information before you make an appointment with your GP.


Here you can read about our most up to date news about our charity. Read about our open meetings in Glasgow and Edinburgh, information on current activities and what we are doing as a charity.

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Alopecia can affect people of all ages with no fully understood reason as to why it happens. Our Frequently Asked Questions page make a good starting point for information about the condition.

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Read about some of the relevant or ongoing issues we are dealing with as a charity to support people with alopecia.

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We are currently setting up the process of accepting online donations. More news will be published when available. Please contact us directly and we will advise you on the most suitable payment method

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